User Agreement
Information about the agreement can be changed at any time with previous notice.
Welcome, and thanks for choosing TutoPro as a moderation bot for your Discord server. When using it, you are agreeing to the terms listed below.

Bot Usage

  • Every server the bot is in has to be managed by at least one user.
  • If you find someone abusing of the bot, you do not hesitate to add them to the bot's local blacklist.
  • If we find that any server administrator is not properly utilizing TutoPro, the bot can be removed from such server after receiving a formal warning.

Data Storage

We only store the essential data for the bot to work. This data is:
  • Members' information provided by the Discord API, saved in cache and not stored longer than one week.
  • Partial content from the messages triggering any moderation command. This content is used to ensure the proper functioning of TutoPro, as it used to, for example, keep track of all infractions a user has in a guild and so that the staff team there can check them.
  • Content from the messages triggering any reminder or tag command. This commands make the bot send messages with the selected content and we need to log them in order to prove that they were sent triggered by these commands. These are deleted after six months.
  • Suggestions content.
  • All logs content, which is not really saved but is sent to the selected Discord channel, so it can be viewed by the server's administrators and moderators at any time.
  • Suggestions content in order to interact with it.
  • Sent and edited embeds' channel and message IDs. Saved for the same reason as for the reminder and tag commands.
  • Say command content in order to keep a responsible use of this function.
This data is saved locally, so it never goes outside the storing machine. It is not accessible by anyone but Discord or any other legal entity with an order stating they can access it.

How can I get my data removed?

If you want to delete your data you should contact [email protected] providing the following information:
  • Any confirmation that proves you are the owner of the account.
  • Data you want to delete.
  • Reason.
  • Does it affect anyone else?
I will evaluate whether it should be removed or not based on your answers and reply to you within 5 business days.