TutoPro has user badges displayed on the user command. If you have any of them, being in the support server is required for them to show on your profile.

Support Server Badges


It belongs to TutoPro's developers.

Head of Staff

This badge is given to the head of staff in the server.


Awarded to those moderators who keep the support server safe.

Support Team

Given to users that help to solve doubts about the bot.


It belongs tho those users who provide general help in the support server.

TutoPro Badges

Partnered User

This badge can be got by having a partnered server under your management.

Premium User

Users who manage a premium server get the badge.


Awarded to the users who contribute translating the bot into different languages.

Beta Tester

You can't get this badge (at least for now). Only those who participated on an early bot stage have it.
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