Here you will find some Frequently Asked Questions that might help you.

Why does TutoPro not respond to my commands?

It's probably because you haven't done the setup, which is done with the tp//setup command. If you have already done the setup and the commands are not working, contact a developer.

How do I copy an ID?

You can find a complete guide about copying IDs here.

How is TutoPro configured?

TutoPro is configured via a YAML file, which can be edited in a notepad or text editor. We recommend using the text editor Visual Studio Code, which is very easy to use.
If you are a mobile phone user, we recommend you to use QuickEdit.

What shall I do if TutoPro goes down?

Let any staff in the support server know and it will be online as soon as possible. Keep in mind that in most situations, the bot recovers itself.

Why is the bot not responding?

Check TutoPro's permissions. The ones asked when inviting the bot are required for everything to work.
Recommeded Permissions

Why the mute command is not working?

Make sure that the role that TutoPro created is above the muted role.

I'm getting an error when trying to import my configuration file. What can I do?

You're getting this error most likely because you wrote down something wrong. if so, you can use this YAML validator to find what to change. If you still can't fix it, ask on the support server.

How can I set up a gatekeeper for my server?

If you have the premium version of the bot, check the security module. Remove the everyone role permissions to see your server channels and create a new one that can see them.
In the configuration, add a password and select your new role in the roles section. Leave a channel in your server where new users can use the password command.

Why is TutoPro offline?

If you find TutoPro being offline, please be patient. This is probably because the bot is under maintenance or because there has been a big error of which we are already aware of.

Can I translate TutoPro into my language?

Sure, just join the support server and ask for it in the support channel.